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The Sure Seal Glazing System used a combination of different extrusion profiles to handle a variety of installations using insulated glass or plastic units or single glaze thickness units. Illustrations are provided in these Guidelines to aid you in the layout of your job and will be referred to by number in these instructions. Please note that various combinations of extrusions are used in different installations.

Vertical, single unit in height      Regular Superseal Base & Cap
Vertical, multiple units in height      Regular SuperSeal Base & Cap
Overhead, single unit in height      Regular SuperSeal Base & Cap *
Overhead, multiple units in height      SuperSeal Bas & Cap for rafter runs and perimeters, low profile intermediate for horizontal purlins with Bevel Cap *

* Bevel Cap may be used over the lower perimeter horizontal runs on low slope applications to prevent water damming.

Trouble Shooting & Questions
Since 1982 we have aided numerous customers with a wide variety of applications for the SureSeal Glazing System. Please call 505-471-5711 with any questions regarding our product or its installation.



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Glazing System Layout
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Glazing Installation
Weep Holes
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