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A - Sure Seal Perimeter Extrusion with Cap: For use on all four sides of the glazing material.Sure Seal aluminum is standard with baked on, electrostatically applied Bronze or White enamel paint. Powder coating is available for custom colors. Extrusion can accept 3/8” to 1 1/2” glazings; most common is 5/8” and 1”. Glazings less than 5/8” require “Fat” gasket. Detail 1 shows reversible gasket. Detail 2 illustrates weep hole starter race.

Cross Section A

B - Sure Seal Intermediate Extrusion: Receives glazing materials on two sides. Integrates with perimeter extrusion when more than one piece of glazing material is utilized. Detail 3 exhibits stainless steel cap bolt set into screw boss with trim strip conceals hardware.

Cross Section B

C - Sure Seal Low Profile Intermediate with Bevel Cap: Is employed when project requires purlins as part of multiple light sloped applications. This guttering system is used to move moisture into larger channels of Sure Seal Perimeter (A) and Intermediate (B) extrusions as shown in cross sections above. Bevel Cap is supplied with 1/16” butyl tape as shown in Detail 4. Bevel Cap is recommended for use as horizontal cap in low slope applications.

Cross Section C

D - Sure Seal Thermal Break Perimeter Extrusion: Is thermally improved to help reduce heat and cold transference in colder climates. It will also reduce internal moisture caused by condensation. Detail 5 displays the poured and de-bridged nature of the polyurethane thermal break. Sure Seal Thermal Break extrusion is available for minimum 1” glazing.

Cross Section D

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