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Why Specify Sure Seal™ for your next project?


Sure Seal was developed over 21 years ago following the introduction by the major window manufacturers of aluminum clad exteriors over wood interiors. Here in Santa Fe, active and passive solar energy systems were being incorporated into residential and commercial design. The wood cap systems of the mid 1970’s did not weather well. Before long the wood, and the glass it was trying to protect needed replacing. With the high cost of construction, you cannot afford to use materials that will quickly deteriorate. The materials we use in Sure Seal have proven themselves in years of rigorous trials.


From sunrooms to skylights, ridgelights to window walls, Sure Seal is only limited by the imagination. If it has straight lines, you can use Sure Seal to get the job done. Our customers have built swimming enclosures in Miami, solariums in Manhattan penthouses, ridgelights in Chicago art museums, sunspaces in Aspen, and a 100 ft. long skylight here in Santa Fe, just to name a few applications. If you have a project where you need this type of design flexibility, Sure Seal is your answer. Our system is formulated to integrate with all of the major window manufacturers. At different times, our showroom has had Marvin, Andersen, Pella, Hurd and Crestline windows, as well as Velux Skylights as part of our Sure Seal displays.


Before starting your installation, read over the “Glazing Applications Guidelines.” While we know there will be a learning curve for our system, it is not uncommon for a builder to call after the project and compliment us on the design of the product and ease of installation. Often, we hear “I have been looking for this product for over 10 years”. We are always pleased to find satisfied customers! If you are having any difficulties, please call us on our 800 number to ask for help. Most of us have installed the Sure Seal System ourselves, and will be able help.


We are extremely confident that if you install and flash the Sure Seal correctly, it cannot leak. Our EPDM gasket successfully limits the intrusion of moisture. Any water that does make it past the gasket is caught in the internal guttering system and sent downhill where it is weeped out of the system. It is because of this internal guttering system that we confidently recommend Sure Seal for high humidity situations like greenhouses and pool enclosures. At any moment, Sure Seal is drowning in rain, freezing in snow, baking in sun, howling in the wind, and holding fast against all intrusions. Our goal is to eliminate all leaks and callbacks.


In addition to all of the previous reasons for purchasing Sure Seal, you can realize substantial savings by using our glazing system. Utilize your own dimensional redwood lumber with Sure Seal and design your own sunroom kit. Create your own window wall with glass, wood and Sure Seal. You will save substantially over manufactured clad windows. Recently, we have saved our commercial contractors over $10,000 and $8000 over engineered aluminum skylights and glazing systems on two different projects. In addition to Sure Seal, we have relationships with other suppliers across the country. If you are having trouble finding materials for your project - Windows, Glass, Flashing or Polycarbonate Glazing, we can drop ship these products direct to your job site.

U.S. Sky Sure Seal Glazing System

U.S. Sky Sure Seal Glazing System

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